Posted by: chipcurry | April 7, 2009

Heading to NAB April 21-23

I will be attending NAB April 21-23.  Photoflex (lighting equipment and training) has asked me to speak at their booth.  These lights have served me very well for about 8 years.  They were about half the price of one of the main brands, and do the exact same thing.  I like the bulb technology—there is a quartz light inside of a glass bulb, so your fingers can touch the surface with no problem. 

My technique for an interview is to get that light box about 3-4 feet from the interviewee, and shine a little 250 w light on their hair.  Fool with it a little, and if you have some time, throw some color on the background.  Setup in 20 minutes. Piece of cake, looks like a million bucks.



Posted by: chipcurry | April 7, 2009

Video posting for professional videographers

I have searched for an effective way to display video on a website.  My previous website used Quicktime .mov files.  These were effective, but many prospective clients were unable to view them. 

YouTube, and Vimeo were possibilities, but I do not the visual baggage of those sites along with their copyright claims.

Flash is viewable by most all browsers now a days, and so I decided to invest in the Adobe Flash applications.  So far, I am thrilled with the quality.

For viewing videos, I have found Slideshow Pro to be the best platform.  The flash component they sell for about $40 is a great investment. It can be modified to any whim.  The Slideshow Pro website shows some amazing examples of the use of their product.

Posted by: chipcurry | March 6, 2009

A Beginning

With this post, the story begins. The current picture on this page is the Arizona landscape close to the town of Patagonia, a little over an hour south of Tucson.  I took this picture with a little Sony W7 camera out of the truck window.

Currently rebuilding Chrysalis Films website to better express my direction as a filmmaker